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Adorable or amazing things found in real life or around the internet. These beauties are meant to inspire and make you smile. They are also, almost always, things I want to add to my life in one way or another.

Summer Sunshine

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What summer looks like to me.


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I think I need a new blog.

I’ll write about this stuff here until Savored Sweetness cannot contain it anymore… then I’ll create a new space for my crazy wild ginormous dreams to get fleshed out in plain English.
So lately I have been thinking “WHAT’S NEXT?!”
Things are going super awesome at The SweetSpot. We are busy, we are making money, and we are growing. I have finally moved myself into a role that I love: supportive supervising (i.e. Dear Staff, I’m here if you need me but you are doing awesome on your own). We just hired 3 new employees and we are about to hire a baker. We have 25 wedding cakes this summer and catering orders keep rolling in.
But even with ALL THIS going on, I find myself getting bored (did I mention we’re also moving in 2 weeks and have a 2 year old? wtf is wrong wih me? pfft, bored indeed) and I have found myself wondering what the next big step is. And there are just so many options.

I guess I am what Marie Forleo would call a “multi-passionate entrepreneur”… I seem to have business A.D.D. I have expansion ideas for the SweetSpot (new locaions, second location, distribution network, online sales, etc.), new restaurant ideas for Whitewater (diner, bbq, tapas, food truck, smoothies, rathskeller, thai, pizza, etc.), online business ideas, non-profit ideas, and retail store ideas for downtown Whitewater. If I had a billion dollars and 200 years to live, I probably wouldn’t run out of ideas.

So which do I choose to pursue?




That’s right. I’m not pursuing any of them yet. I’m going to perfect what I have going on at The SweetSpot, work on some self-improvement things (seminars and trips to the gym, anyone?), and relish in the fact that life is just so flipping awesome. And I’m going to just share my ideas, talk to people, and wait for an opportunity for collaboration or inspiration to pop up. Then I’m going to tackle it with all the multi-passionate A.D.D. I can muster. And I’m going to CRUSH IT.

And the “best DIY blog” award goes to…

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A Beautiful Mess!

I love this blog so much, I wanted to join in the celebration. Apartment Therapy nominated them for the 2012 Homie Awards Best DIY Blog of the Year award and then it was up to the readers to vote. The readers came through for A Beautiful Mess. This is a much-deserved award for Elsie and Emma… their DIYs are fresh, fun, and totally DIYable! Check out one of my favorites below…

These are a few of my favorite things…

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I bought this on a whim at Sephora a few weeks back and the verdict is now in. I am in love. I have never been let down by a Benefit product– the streak continues. “That Gal” is an illuminating, light refracting cream that is lightweight and replaces my foundation. It can be worn over your regular foundation if you can’t give yours up… but I find this flattering enough to wear alone (over my moisturizer). It gives me that dewy, young, fresh look that I had when I was 16 and didn’t know how lucky I was to wake up looking dewy and fresh.

This hair style!! Want.

I have been looking for the perfect shoes to go with the dress I just ordered from ModCloth. The dress is for my sister-in-law’s wedding… IN VEGAS! I am so excited about this trip at the end of the month and I have been planning my outfits mentally for a while. These shoes from endless might be just the thing. How do you think they’d look with skinny jeans?

This is a cheater “favorite thing” because I always love the Brewers… but lately they are on my mind a lot. Why? Because baseball season means spring. Which means tailgating at Miller Park and hanging out in one of my favorite cities. I love spring in Milwaukee.

Last but not least, the adorable Harajuku Mini clothing line, designed by Gwen Stephani for Target, has me swooning. I hove got to get Althea into some of these sassy threads. Also, how cute is this mini model’s hair?!

A catered affair…

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Tonight The SweetSpot catered a murder mystery event for the Whitewater library’s new book club. Mom and I worked in the kitchen, dancing and singing to oldies (“War! Huh, good God y’all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again…”) to put together a nice looking spread for the 25 guests of the event. It was as much a feast for the eyes as it was for the palette.

Freshly washed and totally snackable cherry tomatoes.

Individual antipasto skewer: Chianti salami, marinated mozzarella, cherry tomato, fresh basil.

Platter of antipasto skewers.

These are super easy but take some time (as do all individual hors d’oeuvres) but they are worth it. I start with a really yummy salami or other cured sausage and ciliegine (cherry) sized fresh mozzarella balls. If you’re in Southern Wisconsin, try Brick Street Market in Delavan. They have a great selection of cheeses and meats.

Overnight, marinate the mozzarella in a mixture of olive oil, a touch of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of red chili flakes, copious amounts of garlic, and some dried basil and oregano. Or you can find the cheese already marinated in some stores.
When you’re ready to build the skewers, use a nice round toothpick or a short skewer and just pierce the ingredients (I think it’s important to keep the order of the ingredients consistent to make it more aesthetically pleasing on the platter). Sprinkle with some thinly chiffonade basil and serve.

Spinach, artichoke, and feta phyllo tarts.

I do not know how people slice vegetables without a mandolin. It is my favorite kitchen tool.

English cucumbers, all sliced to perfection (with my mandolin).  :)

My cucumber sandwich assembly line.

I spread two pieces of thick sourdough bread with an herb cream cheese (we make this in-house at The SweetSpot). Then I sprinkle it with a generous amount of dill and layer the cucumbers on one piece. Top with the other cream cheesed bread and cut into triangles (cutting off the crust) and voilà!…

Cucumber Sandwiches!
I topped mine with some of the scrumptious cherry tomatoes I had on hand.

And now for dessert…
(sorry, the light was not fabulous for some of these, it was a stormy day)

Mom baked little mini cookies (they were so flipping cute!) about the size of quarters and piped French buttercream on half of them…

and made mini cookie sandwiches.

Then we dipped them in melted white chocolate and toasted coconut…

Yum. These are mini versions of something we sell in the shoppe called Chunky Dunkers.

A platter of mini desserts.

It was so fun to cater this event for the library… What are your favorite finger food recipes?

Filthy gift idea…

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Can’t figure out what to get for the bridesmaid, farm gal, or unicorn-lover in your life? Tell them to clean up their act with these super funny soaps from Filthy Farmgirl. I found them at Olivine online and had a good chuckle just reading the names.

Check out the Blood Orange scent for Filthy Vampire lovers. Maybe the perfect gift paired with a sleazy vampire novel or movie?